The Murf Diaries - Chapter 1

Photos and captions by Josh Murphy.

Jimmy Arrighi. Fountain Valley, California. June, 2013.

I shot this photo of Jimmy before we drove down to Dakota's surprise pro party in San Diego. A lot of my best memories with Jimmy are surrounded by long drives and the conversations that take place on the road. For an old relic from skateboarding's past who is now just a boring dad in the middle of Orange County, Jimmy knows a thing or two.


David Reyes. Long Beach, California. September, 2013.

I caught David on a brief lunch-break while skating Cherry Park. David is nearly always skating, he really doesn't distract himself with any other hobbies or vices. That's how he keeps putting out all these parts!


Leo Romero. Portland, Oregon. January, 2014.
Here's Leo leaning out of our hotel room window on a rainy day in Portland. Later that night, Leo lost $100 dollars to Travesura's drummer Mark when he bet against our friend Eric getting a girl back to his room. To be fair, Leo should have won the bet, if you saw Eric you'd agree.


Dakota Servold. Beverly Hills, California. June, 2013.

The last hours of Emerica's "Made" brought Leo to Beverly Hills for a line he repeatedly tried to get and probably will go back and do (you guys remember how good he was in 2010? That flame is still in there). In between tries, I shot this photo of Dakota, most likely texting his girlfriend, "Yer."