Photographer Eric Evans and Leo Romero of Eswic Go Deep into Mexico with Emerica

"See My Friends" is a series featuring photos, videos, words and other rad stuff from our closest friends. We are proud to present some personal photos from Eric Evans, one of our favorite people and member of a band we love, Travesura.

Photos and captions by Eric Evans

"Hey lean out the window for a photo, Chris at Eswic wants me to take a bunch of photos of you being tight." - Me

Last meal at the Mexico City Airport. Leo went skirt steak, I went cheeseburger, guess who had diarrhea for the next two weeks? I did. Atiba cruised up right after this and did some ferdayzing before his flight. Atiba didn't get to stay on that flight. I haven't seen him since we left Mexico, but I'm sure he has a cool story about his extended stay.

Bucky fearing for his life during the faux-demo that was attempted at this stair set. It was nearly impossible to clear a runway and landing in the 10,000 person crowd. Reynolds and Herman managed to get like 2 or 3 tricks each, every stomped trick brought the crowd into a frenzy.

Another non-skateboarding local mesmerized by the vast sea of skaters surrounding a restaurant that Reynolds had sought asylum in.

World War Z.

Obtener esos polluelos hermanos Morones!

"Emerica en la casa PUTOS!" - Herman

A few hours after we had arrived at the safe house we had safely evacuated most of the team. As the crowd began to diminish, I noticed Mark Waters out front about to snap a photo of the kids that had stuck around to the end. I ran out and jumped in with all these bros for this classic Instagram moment.

Markitos had his eye on Kary from the moment he saw her. She's part of his life now. Surf's Up, Motherfuckers! Right Bucky?

Big Shawn's first set up in a while, he had a blast showing up Markitos with the rest of us!

Markitos y Kary estaban poniendo caliente y pesado en el asiento trasero del coche, Shawn se emocionó al exprimir con ellos. La tía de Markito estaría muy orgulloso!

The plan was to photoshop Dakota and David's faces on these other bros. Oh well, I'll save that for my Instagram. Also, the dude in the middle fucking rips.

Eswic goes hard in Mexico City. This bro didn't care about a single thing besides his bros, Arvin Torres style. This was at the secret starting location for Wild In The Streets. Shit was about to hit the fan very soon after this was taken.

Muzzy Lopez told us that the locals were pissed that Leo wouldn't talk to them in Spanish. These kids clearly didn't care. Also, Eswic shirts are cooler than other shirts.

Leo in front of one of the government vehicles that he didn't get to ride in on this trip. On the day of Wild In The Streets he was escorted away from the crowd in a police cruiser, assault rifle at his feet and all!

Señor Romero himself indulging in some Menudo served out of some lady's house near a spot. Good looks.

I don't know who looked more sad about Leo getting his wallet stolen: Leo, V-Neck bro, Timothy Nickloff, or one of the bros checkin out Leo's package...

Mark, Shawn, Eric, and Tony DaSilva got nice and loose at the Tongue Magazine headquarters the night of their arrival in Mexico City. All these dudes rock so hard! They had plenty of cerveza ready to go for our little Markitos!

One of the most interesting things about the whole experience was seeing the reactions of local non-skateboarders to the overwhelming size of this mob that had seemingly taken over a portion of the city. Cars were stopped in all directions, and EVERYBODY had come out to the sidewalks to witness the phenomenon.

La Policía in full effect.

Not pictured is the sketchy ledge behind me. After about 15 minutes it started sprinkling, with maybe one try left Figgy got his trick. Tlaloc rained down in approval immediately thereafter. (If you're not on top of your Aztec deities hit up Google)

Awe we miss you Kary! - Markitos

Shred master Shawn Morones testing out the bidet at our hotel. You're not supposed to drink the water, but there's no issue shooting it up the backside.

This was the only time in my life that I was STOKED that I can't skate like these dudes. Being able to step back from the mobs and breathe was a relief. Once we reached the plaza where the demo was supposed to take place, you could look in any direction and see mobs surrounding the different Emerica skaters. We happened to be hanging near the stair set as Spanky's brigade came through, I pushed in to snap this picture of him looking pretty over it.

Figgy tail dropped the ledge leading down from the policía right when we showed up to the spot. We were able to skate for about 20 minutes before they showed up with the paddy wagon.

Which one of these dudes took Leo's wallet?